Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wishy Wacky..

At times one needs bust the stress and there are a few movies that at times manage t402px-Crank_finalo land up in that category. Quality might not be the epitome of such a movie, but who cares. Sometime back I had written about Clive Owen's Shoot 'Em Up, which was one of the most outrageous movies I had seen in the recent past. A couple of days back I saw Jason Statham's Crank, and must say that it matches up to its title - it had eccentricity written all over it. A wacky plot and insane build up, but as I said who cares - Statham's exploits in Snatch and Lock Stock.. made me watch this, and though critics might have absolutely debunked this flick, it made for some pretty good entertainment. :) C'mon how many movies are based on the premise that a certain Chinese poison would kill you once your heart rate drops below a certain level. As again, one of those flicks where you need to keep your brains on the table to enjoy it. Bucket_list_poster

If Crank was whacky,  then The Bucket List was wishy. A pretty intriguing premise again, where a couple of terminally ill chaps escape from the ward and head off to complete off a list of To-Do's before they die. Anyways, plots carry little meaning when you have the stellar combination of Jack 'the eccentric' Nicholson and Morgan 'the unamused' Freeman. Its a nice and easy watch flick, though a rating of 7.8 on IMDB is probably a little high for it.  


Keshi said...

somehow I dun like Jack Nicholson...he's a good actor but apparently he's a MASSIVE womaniser.


@purV said...

well..might be! But while on screen he can enliven even the most dormant of the characters..

Keshi said...