Sunday, January 13, 2008

TZP.. Shoot 'em up!

Well, first things first. I'm not comparing these two flicks at all. Taare Zameen Par has set standards which will take a lot of work to go past. All the brilliant and supremely intellectual directors step aside, lets roll the red carpet for AK. Looks like most of the people would have seen it and few would actually question the sincerity behind it. Be it the dialogues or the music or the lyrics or the direction or the script or whatever, it was all first rate and to top it all, it was first rate entertainment. AK, Take a bow!

Sometimes, insanity also calls for brilliance, and when the two strike in balance, they call for a wow! Folks who've seen Shoot 'em up might differ in their opinions but it was great fun for me. Not since Kill Bill, have I seen such insane action and blood spattering with a subtle topping of humor. Action, which can't be described in words, but you've gotta see it to believe it. All in all, great entertainment! Never knew carrots could be that dangerous.. ;)


Venu said...

Yup I too loved TZP !
And I have started falling in love with every other Clive Owen movie :)

@purV said...

well, yeah.. Clive Owen's performed quite brilliantly in two radically different movies of late.. Children of Men (imdb top 50 i think) and this one..