Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another couple of weeks..

No time at all for now, am just nearing the end of my first semester. I'll be back with a bang though sometime later with renewed energy. Damn.. sounds cliched, ain't it?
As the tour down under draws near, the aussie papers have started beaming about our man..

Friday, November 16, 2007

Destination: Burma (Myanmar)

Rocky Balboa.. John McClane - we saw them get back last year belting the hell out of whoever came against them and now its time to let the master enter - John Rambo. Yeah, he looks old after his Vietnam stint, but then you can't count him out. Waiting for January 25th..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


And its been under construction for ages! Back of the envelope calculations say that if one wants to fly from Delhi to Bangalore on one of those happy-go-lucky cheap tickets - one still ends up paying 1700(tax) + 1500(ferry) + 1(Best case) = 3201, which implies the ticket actually costs you 0.000312 of the total amount! :D Now there's some staggering planning which has gone in, ain't it? Burst with laughter..

Ct Dravid B Kumble

Ain't got a lot of time for the next few days to post anything here, though I do find time to catch up on stuff somehow. The arch rivals are playing but we are yet to see some real quality cricket and by 'quality' I don't imply the closeness of the matches! It's quite amazing the kind of benchmarks the Aussies were setting barely a couple of weeks ago in the 'purely' cricketing aspects of the game.

Rahul Dravid abandoning the skipper's job was quite unexpected but I guess no one other than Anil Kumble would have been more fitting to fill the abdicated throne. Sachin Tendulkar might be the best batsman to have ever played for India, but when it comes to winning the longer version, few games would go without mentioning critical performances by the men from Karnataka. Such has been their impact on Indian Cricket, sadly most of which has never got its due.

S. Dinakar at his usual best here taking a sneak peek on how the leggie being made the captain should hold out to be a wise decision. I just loved the last line of the story.

Monday, November 5, 2007

T(h)rash the Dell Vostro 1500

This post was long long due and in fact Harish, a pal of mine from my Huawei days had also asked me about the same. Somehow we know what to expect from each other at times.. :D

Any new technical gadget from a laptop to a sleek mp3 player deserves a mention, who more than Venu would agree on that. ;) I'll restrict myself to the former here, a piece that I bought a couple of months back. In a nutshell, it was a hasty decision.

Vostro 1500, launched by Dell a few months back was a much anticipated product, such that even Walter Mossberg wrote about it. But then I had purchased it by then. Before starting, my ideal laptop definition (without considering the RAM, HDD and other customizable factors) would incorporate the following -

  • Light, its a 'lap'top after all
  • Quick to come up after a standby or power save mode
  • needless to say, slick screen display

Vostro 1500 is everything but that. At 6.7 pounds I'll put it as a mini desktop with laptop like features. Perhaps I was asking too much, but a laptop should epitomize 'lightness' when it comes to weight. Needless to say that at 6.7 pounds its a back belter! How I wish IBM was a touch cheaper..

Frequent BSODs, failure to come up after standbys and hibernate failures - Welcome to Dell. Sometimes it is quite infuriating to see such brands perform so miserably such that you vow never to purchase their products again. Dell's just landed in that category for me. At a low volume, it'll also mix an agonizing burr when you plug in your earphones. Now that's an unwanted freebie.

There have been apparently some decent reviews on Vostro and sometimes I wonder if they were using some other machine while writing the review, or did Dell dispatch a wrong product to me! Sadly, none of them is true. May be I expect too much in $800 odd but then this product simply defies the concept of a laptop.

Vostro was supposed to be the second generation of the Inspiron series, but I guess the only thing that they have improved is the sturdiness of this laptop. Got a burglar at home, don't worry, just whack him with the Vostro, and he's all yours! 

Perhaps I was too harsh on Vostro, but then it hurts when your $850 doesn't give you a good feel in the age when every 'other' firm is trying to bring some real sleek gadgets in this category. Once Dell, Never Again!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Quantum Gradanamics!

This one's an absolute peach! :D