Sunday, May 18, 2008

At Last..Cricket in whites

I was so relieved to read the proceedings in Lords where the 1st Test between England and Kiwis took place. But at the same time, I was a little baffled since the headlines on most websites instead chose to continue putting IPL on center stage. Well, am not against IPL as such or for that matter the cheerleaders, but the fact is that its been going for a touch too long now. Entertainment's good, but only if its within check. IPL is growing or rather being promoted rather uninhibitedly.

Well, no doubt that most cricket watchers wouldn't have known about the potential of some of the Indian domestic players without IPL, since BCCI has (in)advertently done all it can to kill the biggest domestic tournament of the country - the Ranji Trophy. Its quite mystifying to think that they were never able to schedule the domestic tournaments at a time when all the national squad players were available all this while, and now they have managed to stitch together a tournament which is dictating the international calendar, which could only be potentially matched by the World Cup. Money can do wonders and perhaps Modi and co. and too busy minting it to take note of that. Accepted..

People are comparing the Packer revolution to IPL - a question which would probably be answered in the time to come. I just hope the answer doesn't turn out to be true, since it probably would prompt all wannabe Rahul Dravids to instead have the likes of Afridi as their mentor. Funny as it might sound.

Further, if the folks at the top think that they'd soon be seeing the fanaticism of the crowds supporting their own teams, then I pity the people of other states.. Well, one never knows but BCCI may come up with any team.. the Bhopali Blunders!

Mafia, Drugs, Blackjack, Bank Robberies and Teens..

Well, these are just the subjects of the movies I grabbed in the last couple of days. There were tonnes of them that I've missed and I've been trying my best to wrap them up..

Denzel Washington's always been one of my favorites and add Russell Crowe to it, and its a super bonanza. At 175 minutes a touch too long, but American Gangster held it up throughout. Mafia movies are always exciting, and this one was a complete treat to watch. The true story of Frank Lucas' drug empire is definitely worth watching!

I remember how much I loved watching Good Will Hunting and the rebellious brilliance of Matt Damon. Jim Sturgess definitely doesn't match the former, but the quick paced story of 21 based on the life of Jeff Ma, an MIT grad is fun to watch. Kevin Spacey and Lawrence Fishburne add to the cast, but there aren't any great acting honors for the taking here. Its just the exciting script about how the best brains in MIT take to card counting in Blackjack. Add to that the popcorn and the regular drink and rest assured, the 2 odd hours spent will not be considered wasted.

I completed the hattrick of watching movies based on true stories with Bank Job. For some reason, since I watched Snatch and the 'Turkish' character of Jason Statham is still there in the head. I've since watched Transporter, Crank and a few others of his, and Bank Job was no exception. Its not a great flick by any standards, but again one of those which is fun (yet again) to watch. I think what really adds to the fun is the shocking story on which this flick's based. Once I wrapped this one, I hit the Wikipedia to look for the facts. There weren't many listed apparently since this subject is under 'D Notice' which calls for utmost silence on such matters, but all one needs is a hint, right?

I hate sweet flicks, but Juno was a revelation. Yeah, this was the fourth one in 2 days! Ellen Page is terrific as a 16 yr old pregnant teen, though I must admit its over the top at times. But there are times, when you don't give a damn to it. How many movies have been made which are comical, but tackling a pretty serious issue at the same time. Juno's the one..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back finally..

Another semester went by. I start off with every semester thinking its going to be better than the last one, thoroughly determined to take it easier, but some things never happen. It just always hits hard anyways..

It was interesting though at times and not so at others. I hate theory and it was evident by the theory course I took. On the other hand, I just can't remember the last time building so much code for academic projects. It was tough while I was doing it, but looking back, I guess it was interesting!

Anyways, back for now and though I guess I'll be a little busy during the summer working over some project, but I guess regular posts will be on my agenda for sure..