Saturday, December 15, 2007

An ol' one.. but a classic!

I just came across this video where Harsha Bhogle talks about Tendulkar in an MBA school. Even if one is not a cricket fanatic, there's much to learn about work ethic from this master craftsman..

Back for Good!

Time flies by and boy, does it fly fast! It just doesn't seem as though a semester is over, and it just was freaking crazy and way too much happened during this course.
No time at all a couple of days back, and now I've got this luxury of watching back to back episodes of Prison Break, writing a blog and even.. doing nothing! Well, I kinda hated this life a few months back, but how badly I needed this for now.

India won, but damn, it was one of the most irrelevant series ever played.
It was only sad to see how the arch rivals match-up is just losing all its fizz. It was not just the dull results, but the manner in which the game was played that was disappointing. Well, though I'll be up in sheer anticipation of watching India meet the Aussies down under, but deep inside I'm pretty sure that facing the likes of Lee and co. on the bouncy tracks won't be a trivial task. Add to that misery of the Indian attack and you are left wondering that all that the team can do best is bat for 5 days. Less than a couple of weeks left and it would be interesting to see how the boxing day opens. Sometimes I wonder if the real essence of this series lies in seeing the master perform for one last time down under. There have been numerous articles in the Australian dailies citing how the Aussie crowds would be fortunate enough this summer again to watch him effortlessly switch between spanking backfoot punches and elegant on the rise cover drives! I hope they don't get disappointed..

I've not seen much of John Cusack and can barely recall Runaway Jury, Identity, Con Air and couple others of his flicks. 1408 showed why he's damn good at his job. A li'l scary and fun at the same time, 1408 is pretty gripping right from the start, though am still wondering what the heck was Samuel L. Jackson doing in that nitty role of his. Talk about wasted talent..

I've not been keeping up to date with the tech news and its barely been a couple of days since I was done with my semester
. Replication systems and security was all that I could think till then. I didn't give much to Grad school, but sometimes its imperative that you return to the best papers in systems to actually get a feel of whats happening on the application layer. Three years of work in the applications side didn't give much insight on what allows you to build 'em, 3 months of extensive reading in systems did give me a fair idea though!