Monday, February 18, 2008

Micro-hoo! An interesting Perspective

Computer Science at Grad school at times can really beat the hell out of you at times. A similar thing happened last semester and I grew increasingly inconsistent in my blogging life. The tech facet has already been almost non existent here, since I hate talking tech all the time. Grad life already takes care of that! :) But sometimes it gets really interesting as well, such as this article by New York Times on the Micro-hoo! episode. Well, its not the usual 'whether-or-not' thing, but gives an interesting perspective of 'what-if'..


Keshi said...

woohoo yahoo! ;-)


@purV said...

What was that? :D

Srinath said...

They can never merge as a single company. the culture, spirit is so different and people at Yahoo! just hate to work as a part of MSFT.