Monday, September 24, 2007

And They said, "Unleash the Fury and Excitement!"

Well, did I say it would be fireworks unlimited earlier? Pity, that I wasn't able to think of a better phrase since the game today catapulted to much larger dimensions than what me, you and everyone else could have probably imagined! Such were the ways of the game that it could have nailed a weak hearted right into the grave.

Sad, that I didn't get to see the finals and I'd be only catching up the highlights on the web, but from what I've learnt after reading about the game - it was a battle of nerves. There was little to choose between the 2 sides and it all came down to a 'cheeky' shot that went terribly wrong.

Well, I must agree that when the tournament format was first proposed, I just despised the format to the extent of almost acknowledging that ICC was hell bent on 'annihilating' the game. I'm sorry, and I take back my words! T20's been a rage and its been arguably one of the most exciting last couple of weeks of international cricket ever. In short, Excitement Unleashed!

Everything said and done, India won, but I'm elated for yet another reason - for the game itself and how two of its most ardent followers lighted up the sky. Cheers India and Pakistan, I hope its a dawn of a new brand of cricket in these two lands - seething but smooth, elegant yet brutal!


Rohit Jain (felon) said...

Dude, i was really on the verge of hitting my own grave last evening. Holy shit man... five 6s in 2 overs, 3 off bhaji and then 2 (don't remember the bowler) and they turned it upside down. But then who cares :) .. India won finally..

I just came to know that it's al crackers in india.. yes,there is a reason to have a much in advance PRE-DIWALI celebration. After all we've already seen one of it's own kinds in wanderers already... :)..

JAI DHONI, JAI 20-20..this is a real unleashed excitement. We all really missed out on something great.

Surya Prakash said...

Thank God SRK is missing in that pic.... i thought he'd be thr too!!!!!

Paranoid.. said...

A total carnage and something I've always dreamt of all these years, sad that it finally realized and we didn't get to see it!

com'on man, all you could think of in that pic was SRK.....damnnnn.. ;)

Vinni said...

its an irony that the veteran trio could never lift the cup and u have first timers lifting the world cup! joginder sharma would be grinning all life long!

Paranoid.. said...

Well doesn't it sound too cliched to say that, "Cricket's a game of Glorious Uncertainties!"?
Its another thing to say that the T20 team would swear by that though!