Monday, October 8, 2007

Time's the Problem..

There have been quite a few things happening around, be it in the tech arena or the sports world or even in my routine life. But then posting takes time, and thats something I'm desperately trying to find. There might be a few souls visiting this blog (if at all) to see if there have been any updates, but I'm just way too preoccupied with the coursework, projects and other academic stuff.. I'll try my best to update here sometime soon..

By the way, I did manage to grab some little time to watch Johnny Gaddar, and as one of the reviewers had put it, for a change you need to apply your brains to watch this intelligent thriller. Quite absorbing for sure!


Rohit Jain (felon) said...

ur so so true.... movie's awesome.. i liked the entire retro feel man... it was real fun.. and yes, cn understand how diff'lt must be for you to find time..

newaz,me've been among those few souls who keep visiting ur find updates..

Amol Agrawal said...

Don't worry sir. We poor souls in need of gyan are always waiting for some insights/gyan from you.

This blog helps us atleast read your thoughts, understanding it is a different matter altogether.

Paranoid.. said...

hmm.. am sure I've already lost quite a few of the regular folks, courtesy my irregularity

saaarr.. well, I agree my thoughts are way too absurd to be deciphered by great minds. But public mein to mat maaro.. hehe. Lets see if India gets back in this series - perhaps would then be inspiring enough for me to post something!

crasiezt said...

Another soul visiting your page:-) Good stuff man..just keep writing! And yes, Johnny Gaddar was darn neat..

Paranoid.. said...

Thanks. Though thats indeed a 'crasy' spellin'! :D
Guess, its time now that people appreciate such 'simple yet articulate' thrillers as J.G, rather than tryin' to pull off a Quentin Tarentino every time..

crasiezt said...

Hehehe I know it's weird:D JG was good, but let's not say anything against Tarantino!!

Paranoid.. said...

Errrr.. I guess you got it terribly wrong! I was talkin' bout the folks here tryin' to be wannabe QTs.. I just can't commit the crime of insulting the man himself!
Hattori Hanzo's finest piece still adorns my laptop screen.. :D

crasiezt said...

Shit my mistake..silly me didn't get it!