Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fireworks Unlimited!

It took 32 years and 10 premier World Championships for the Gods to figure out the right draw!

Cricket's biggest superpowers and arch rivals come together to play in the finals of a World Championship. Well, it might not be a regular F50 (sounds good, huh) format, but its still a World Cup. First round exits from the former earlier this year, and in the finals in the shorter version now. Its a dream script, and ask any ardent cricket fan, and you can't expect anything more.


I just read the above in one of the most established cricket sites, Cricinfo, and it summed it up all. This has been a dream tournament for both sides, who were gone for all money before it even started. However, 14 days into the Championship and few will argue that its debut could have been better.

Expect deafening noise, die hard support for both teams and hopefully a belter of a pitch (sorry for being batsmen biased). Its a party one can't afford to miss. It can't be a better time for David Lloyd who's been dreaming to switch jobs from being a commentator to flag seller. :)


Amol Agrawal said...

Nice trivia about David Floyd. He would sure make a buck selling flags today. THE CNBC-TV10 business channel has Indian flag at the background and is repeatedly showing the bowl-off between India and Pak last match.

I have been following a strategy so far and India has been winning. Would follow that today as well. Has worked as long as India has batted first. So let's see.

T-20 is a crazy format, a big hit and cricket has got a new life. Much like the Kerry Packer series.

Indo-Pak matches not for the faint hearted ones. And I belong to the category.

Paranoid.. said...

Strategy, huh? Sounds interesting.. Don't you DARE fail to follow it today!
What the heck, I've gotta report at the Research Center at the time the match kicks off..
Life's changed and how! :(