Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Marine - A Bad Dream..

Normally, I don't post any movie reviews, unless I really find them worth mentioning. 300 was the last one that I had mentioned because of obvious reasons. But then sometimes, one has to mention them, or rather forced to mention them because they surpass all boundaries of sense and sensibility. The Marine was one such experience!
Sense and Sensibility - that was precisely what I lost while watching it! Action flicks are appealing, and if that features John Cena (silent admirer of that bloke) it adds another reason to watch it. For non WWE regulars, John Cena's is among the top blokes in that 'business'..
The Marine was the #1 most rented DVD in its first week of release.[1] It has so far made over 24 million dollars in home sales and rental.


It did begin with a decent backdrop with the main protagonist, Cena, getting fired from the Marine Corps, but then where did he land up after that - as a security officer in some firm!!! Am not really sure if the pride associated with being a Marine Corp would allow one to do that!
Loads of bullets, rocket launchers and almost every piece of equipment and tactic tried to give it a Rambo-ish feel, but sadly it falls flat on its face.. A big ttthhhuuuummmpppppppppp..No one can kill the hero, and as one of the bad guys refer to him as a 'terminator'.. Damnnnnnnnnnn..
Silly bad guys killing each other for no reason, a stupid humor which rather seemed so absurd that it did force a smirk. I really don't know but this movie probably defied lesser logic than a WWE fight.


Venu said...

good i read the review and decided not to watch it.
by the way do check to check how fresh or rotten the movies is :)

by the way watched shooter..decent movie; can watch it once

Paranoid.. said...

yeah.. Shooter is on my list too, Mark Wahlberg after all.. Still to get over his 'Departed' cameo!!