Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yahoo..finally wakes up..

Google's generally the one making all the headlines and scripting interesting stories for bloggers like me. But the business up there is getting really heated up. Yahoo is finally making heads turn towards itself. First it acquired RightMedia, an ad-services company with a distinctly different business model in a $680 million deal. Now, this certainly isn't mere coincidence considering Google did buy off DoubleClick for a whopping $3.1 Billion just a couple of weeks back.
Further, Yahoo has now launched the browser version (beta) of its much famous Messenger version. I did check it out and it looks a pretty jazzy version of its chat application, sans the Plugins (Music LaunchCast, et al). It is more like a basic web client version similar to what Meebo came out with. But better late than never - Google has been trying to incorporate their chat client, Gtalk, with almost every application they can lay their hands on - be it Orkut, Gmail and now even on your blog (Read about it here). But it seems like, Yahoo has spent some time on the details as well. Try first logging to your existing Yahoo chat client and then doing the same through their browser chat client! Hmmmmm..not bad!

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