Saturday, March 17, 2007

Six 6s in an over.. Yawnnnnnnnnn..

Its been a week since the 'so called' mega event kicked off, but what have we seen till now? Record books rewritten in the most inconsequential matches one can ever hope to see. Another couple of them were broken last night when Gibbs got stuck into some gentleman called Dan van Bunge smashing him all over the park. Right, I didn't really see the feat, but just managed to see a couple of overs towards the end of the South African innings and actually the last over too wasn't too short of contributing towards a 'just broken' record conceding 30 runs from it.

Something that constantly hits me is whats the point? On one side we do have this king of all events which is the point ultimate glory for any goddamn cricketer, and on other side we have these matches being played which serve no purpose. ICC says it needs to globalize the game, I'd rather say, that they are probably doing just the opposite. How many Dutch wannabe cricketers back home would be encouraged after seeing such a performance? Nopes, I am not blaming the Dutch team, thats just not the point. So what the heck is the point here?
Does it really serve any purpose in pitching these so called 'minnows' against the top teams in the one off event and then keep on filling up the record books? This was one such feat which has never happened in the entire history of International Cricket, and it was a real pity that it had to happen this way.
A record is supposed to be a strong statement, and this is left to your own imagination to measure the strength of this one.

Most of these "new" teams have one sole aim in the ongoing World Cup - to defeat the other "new" team. The others are probably out of question, and really even if they manage to upset one of the biggies, its gonna be pretty sad for the tournament, coz we know that on the basis of talent or anything, the biggies would defeat the lesser known teams 9 out of 10 times, if not 10 on 10.
Com'on folks, World Cup is not supposed to be a Sweepstakes, its supposed to be an event which officially puts forth the Champion, and am sure no one would like to risk their chances based on a one bad day in the field.
P.S: For those who are interested in watching this feat, here's the vid link.

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