Thursday, March 15, 2007

Google Talk invades further!

First we had Google Talk as a standalone application, then on Gmail and then Orkut. Looks like Google is all set to invade every possible application they can lay their hands on with Google Talk. Now comes the turn of overloading the Google Personalized Homepage with it and with it almost every goddamn webpage that you host. Just copy paste a simple line of code on your webpage/blogpost et al, and you'll see the Google Talk client running from there. Then it just behaves like a chat messenger and you can sign in and continue chatting and same holds good for the visitors to your page.

However, probably the most crucial enhancement to their new version is that you can now watch the You Tube videos/share Picasa photos from inside the chat client. This new version would now be able to recognize those links as their own and pop up those videos/images in the client itself.
See how it works here..
P.S: Yeah, you should be able to see this already added to my blogspot here. So go ahead and check it out.

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Harish said...

thats a neat nerd score you got :)