Friday, March 14, 2008

TR's Top 10

MIT's Technological Review just released the the list of top 10 technologies to look forward for this year, which they think are most likely to change the way we live.

Even though energy conservation, miniaturization and data mining seems to form the crux of most of these technologies, but its the ideas which are truly revolutionary. Here's the complete list, and though all of them seem pretty fascinating, the concept of Probabilistic Chips and Modeling Surprise really intrigued me the most.


Keshi said...

Data Mining has been ard for ages but to no avail :)


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Nadig's said...

hey apurv, not much of blogging these days... why whatz up?
very busy or what?

@purV said...

oh, I've been dead busy for the last few days and looks like its going to continue for quite some time.. Anyways, this happens every semester.. I'll be back though!