Saturday, March 8, 2008

Movies Galore..

Yeah, that says it all. Its been a long time since I've seen one. All in all three of them in the last couple of days. Enter spring break.. Fountain_poster_1

The Fountain was pending since long and it lived up to its branding of being a little obscure. Classify it as science fiction or the romantic genre, it stays true to the Darren  Aronofsky brand. It might not have the kind of impact that Requiem for a Dream had, but nevertheless, its a pretty good watch with Hugh Jackman really showing his class. It took me a while to get into the groove after I played it and I won't grade it as supremely entertaining, but definitely worth a watch for it really is a different grade of cinema. What more, it stars Rachel Weisz..

Rambowallpaperkr8Pure unadulterated action was what I expected from the latest Sly Stallone's John Rambo.. Plenty of blood in it, but somehow it doesn't really invigorates as the earlier editions. But then, even if you are a Sly fan, you can't let this one go, for even at 60 this man can rip the enemies apart. :)

I don't know what drove me to watch The Notebook. Perhaps a high rating on imdb was the catalyst and though it was pretty decent, its not for me. I avoid watching such flicks, but then at times I do fall into the trap. VM._SY400_SX600_

That was it for me, radically different genres to get the ball rolling. I've heard 10,000 BC is a drag, and I wonder how can the makers of Independence Day screw it up. But then I do remember Godzilla!


Keshi said...

Is it Movie Monday? Cos every other blog I went to today had a Movie post, including my blog :):)


@purV said...

I believe in getting done with the good things earlier.. this was saturday.. :)

Harshdeep said...

10,000 BC is definitely a drag. I saw the pre-screening on Wednesday itself. It starts off well, but quickly turns into a cliche-driven disaster.

@purV said...

Well, I almost fell into the trap looking at the promos!