Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Great American Vacation

"College is the longest vacation you will ever take"

                                               - Dan Indante and Karl Marks

I guess I would agree with that more often than not, but then during the semesters it can tend to get a touch too tedious and demand an actual vacation away from it. It didn't get off to the best possible start, but then as it turned out to be, it's been one of the best vacations I've had till now.

I've been IMG_0206to a few places up north in India in the past and seen some snow, but Madison, WI was a different experience altogether. Not that I'm comparing the two, but the scenes there were right out of some of the Hollywood flicks I've seen so far. White Christmas - well, I did indeed get to see one!


From up north here to the Gulf of Mexico the next daIMG_0565y, and I landed up at Corpus Christi. Though, its not the best time to hit the beaches 'coz of the cold weather, but nevertheless, it turned out to be a fairly good drive down there. Mexico remains one of my cherished destinations, but haven't been this closer to being there.

Microsoft entertained me for the interviews at just the right time, and I did get to hit SeattIMG_0674le the very next week. It did refresh my memories of my stay in Assam, India where it rained almost every other day.  But then, it didn't really stop me and a friend of mine from having fun out there. Well, if nothing more, but I guess it would take a lot to forget one of the best chocolate desserts and drinks that I've had in a very long time.

Well, though time to get back to the Spring Semester now and lets see what its got in store for me. 


Harish said...

u seem to be on a roll. anyways, would like to see more pics of your vacation.

@purV said...

Yeah, it turned out to be an absolute cracker of a vacation for me which was quite unexpected. I'll send u the link soon!