Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trends of a Different Sort

Trends! Beep.. Beep.. Mind says fashion or food or probably even cultural! Welcome to the Google Age and so yet another addition - Google Trends. :) The term is self explanatory but is enough to generate inquisitiveness. Although Google Trends has been there for sometime now, but then one doesn't have time to really infer from the data as such.
According to statistics provided by Google, it definitely shows some interesting patterns. PC World summarizes the same for data from 2004 (Oh c'mon, its like 3 yrs but I guess nothing much would have changed).
Indians hunt for 'sex' and Swedes hunt for 'Kate Moss' while the Americans stay glued to 'Burritos' (damn, I'm sick of Burritos). But the most interesting one would be the Latin Americanos - Mexicans and Venenzuelans lusting for 'Britney Spears'!! Why on earth do they need to hunt for anyone else? ;) Read the article here..


Rohit Jain (felon) said...

This one really made me laugh :D .. i swear, indians.. MAN!!! but u know,actually i feel it's not their problem... 'sex' is still a "BIG BIG" issue in india.. i mean, some1 like me can just go on giving lectures on this...
bt on a serious note :
1.1billion of population dude,it's sex that's responsible for this :) ha ha
US: botox,iraq,hangover,love,car bomb,marijuana... they are everywhere.. he he

nice stats..

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

btw,google reader really helps me to be the first one to comment on blogs.. he he.. thanks to THE GR8 APURV BHARTIA.... - the nerd.. hey btw,some1 jus scored 98% .. he he

Paranoid.. said...

Yeah, it was a touch hilarious for sure!
But am still intrigued on the reasons behind the search for Brintney! :D

and dude, Google Reader's been there since ages now, and don't treat me as though I was among the first ones to use it. Actually even I woke up late, though its been a while now!

Paranoid.. said...

Damn.. I meant *Britney..

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

i rare spelling mistake from apurv.. he he :) . certainly google reader has been since ages,bt u woke me up too ;)

may be the canadians and the mexicans are in LOVE with britney ;), makes me wonder thou..