Sunday, October 21, 2007


iMac, iPod, iPhone - Steve Jobs and Co. have given quite a few i's since the iAge took over. We all know the kind of hysteria that was on display when the iPhone was first revealed. However, humor could sometimes fit so perfectly in certain scenarios. For instance, sample this spoof on the same. Thanks to Kunal for the link.

P.S: In no way do I despise Apple or any of its products. Its just some humor out here!


Rohit Jain (felon) said...

:D :D :D ROFL ... it's so so so funny dude... that guy in the red tshirt.. ha ha ha... and hey, i din't know iPhone has an iPod,mp3 player, internet features... and above all "ETERNAL LIFE" .. wow!!!
and can iPhone dissappear me..

sahi ho jaega be mere liye..i mean just think dude ;)

@purV said...

There's another one actually which is again pretty funny. You can have a look at YouTube for the same. :)