Thursday, September 6, 2007

Resurgent Indians.. and 'master'ful 90s continue!

Sometimes life and events take a full circle, and you come to know that when scenes from the past flash again in the present. Obviously, there'll be subtle changes but the picture is so reminiscent of what you have already seen, and more importantly.. cherished!
Lords, 2002; India were facing a daunting task of chasing 325 in the grand finale.. The rest is history.
Oval, 2007; India were again facing a stiff challenge of 315 in a match which would have otherwise sealed the fate of the series. India won.. again!
The reason that I cite these as similar is because how often have we seen our superstars falling when it really mattered! Make no mistake, I still believe that its our stars who took us to that stage that really mattered (WC 2003 being an example) but then on the real big stage, they somehow just didn't tick.
So at such times, when they do it just sticks on to the cells in the memory forever, and perhaps that is why that such matches are so special.
Almost 2 decades of doing one of the most demanding jobs in the world, and then he still shows up with the kind of enthusiasm for another day at office which even the freshers draw inspiration from. That's what separates the great(est) players from the great ones.
Cover Drives, lofted shots, cheeky paddles, brutal pulls - these things never look so beautiful and at the same time audacious as they do when the master shows them how to play it. Mortals watching can only emulate, but its the master who shows the way. Brilliant yet Brutal, thats how I'll term Tendulkar's innings at the Oval, and when they come in unison with one of the most elegant left handers India has ever produced - that's like icing on the goddamn cake. They played as though with the least respect for the opposition, they played as though they just wanted to win, they played as though they were the kings!
Getting out in the 90s is becoming as much of a trend for Tendulkar as was making 100s a few years back. Well, it was another matter that folks like me were still gruntling when he got out, I just wanted to see him play forever. But its alright, he doesn't need to prove anything. If at all that he can do anything now is to re-inject his energy into this team, which now has a lot more promising and 'fighting' youngsters who probably will take the Indian Cricket to its pinnacle some day and reflect back on this Little Master who kept on giving every ounce of his energy for the game he loved.


Amol Agrawal said...

You should have seen the match mate. It is a treat to watch Sach bat in his dominating manner. And yes most were expecting that he would call it quits but he has just rubbished all speculation saying he is batting superbly and this thought never occurred to him. Ahem...

I agree would want him to play like this endlessly. There is not a better sight than seeing him, Lara bat.

You never liked the left hander he has united with and it always shows whenever you make a mention of him. I think it has been one of the best comebacks I have ever seen (I think the best was Agassi). What timing. Sheer class!!

I think Tendya has a huge role to play in making Indian Cric move along. I think he still owes a lot to the game and should ensure we have some players to look forward to when he leaves. Because as of now India is struggling and if he leaves now, the interest in the game is going to wane. (Many still switch channels when he gets out; I am among them). And if Indians loose interest in Cricket, well the game suffers bigtime. WC 2007 is the best and recent example.

I think too much is looked at Sach's record and people commnet that he does not contribute to wins. Well, many forget he continues to carry the entire game forward by bringing the people to TV sets and stadiums, which I believe is far bigger a contribution than just winning the game. High time people appreciate this fact and let him enjoy the game.

Paranoid.. said...

Well, its at such times when I really think that technology has done wonders to mankind. :D In spite of lack of time, I do find certain streaming sites which keeps me aware of such moments.
I have nothing against the 'left-hander' at all and its just that when I write about Tendulkar, I just tend to forget the rest. Yeah, biased me!! Agassi was a phenomenon for me and I can't put him in this context, but yeah, its been a revelation the way Ganguly has performed. I mean, cricket suddenly looks so much more a treat to watch when these two giants bat together.. and bat well.
Again, regarding the records, I'll just say one thing, its the mortals who are recognized from their records. For "other(s)", they are just yet another note of their opus.
P.S: Sample this..A 100 at Lords has eluded him, can there be a more perfect moment to achieve it?

Amol Agrawal said...

A 100 at Lord's from The Master is something most are speculating that he would get given his form. If you bet, I think the oddds are pretty heavily in favor of the same.

I loved this line: "Again, regarding the records, I'll just say one thing, its the mortals who are recognized from their records. For "other(s)", they are just yet another note of their opus"
If I may ask, where did you pick it from?

Paranoid.. said...

Well, I believe the 'master' has inspired generations, and I form an miniscule of the lot! Its incredible how even my literary thoughts sometimes draw inspiration. :)
P.S: Damn, believe me, they were my own.

Anonymous said...

Man that match was damn amazing .. it kept out nervers wrenching tyhrought whether it was the sach's six, not the best but it is always a treat to watch him hitting his trademark six straight down the ground, or it was winnig runs by uthaphaa..
Hope this time he ends the tour of england on a winning note ..

i just waana a word to line of yours if you dont mind :)

"Again, regarding the records, I'll just say one thing, its the mortals who are recognized from their records. For "other(s)", they are just yet another note of their 'Maganum' opus"

same Anonymous (TM) aka Guarav Goel

Paranoid.. said...

Well said, "bits n pieces".. :)