Friday, September 7, 2007

Future Trends in Web

A silver convertible Audi zooms past me as I write this post making even a shiny black Mazda Protege and a host of BMWs look pretty ordinary. Damn, its not an illusion while I'm going to school in a bus! Okkkkkkkk am back.. its time for a context switch!
Arun Radhakrishnan points out an article originally published in by Richard McManus, where he tries to analyze the 10 future trends of the Web. Read the original post here, and Arun's comments here.
The one thing that really caught me in the entire article was 'Attention Economy'. Well, he says that its been thriving since Web began, but I'd like to differ on this slightly. Attention grabbers were always there, but to generate monetary benefits out of it is something thats perhaps yet to gain momentum. There are several websites that get launched, primarily in the zone of video streaming, social networking, search engines (Ujiko, etc) which have served as attention grabbers but we are yet to see of any prolific site (atleast I can't recall any) which is generating significant revenues through such a model. Citing Google in the super profitable zone is attributed more to the fact that they brought about an entirely new model of generating economics - through advertisements. So the transition from 'Attention Grabbing' to 'Attention Economy' is something which is going to take quite a bit of an effort.
It was surprising but I didn't see Online Advertising in the list, perhaps that's one thing which is 'the' money grabber. What say?
Meanwhile, the 2007 trend is picturized pretty well below, though this pic only takes the brands into account, but still gives a fair bit of an idea. Thanks to BrandCurve for this.


Gaurav Goel said...

Hey apurv .. this sems to be an intresting article .. but as far i am concerned i was not able to make one thing why Advertisment was not associated with,, .. i think theres is a gap in my understanding and what the pic depicts .. just give your insight on that.

Paranoid.. said...

Well, all's not clear for me as well from the same. However in this case, they have also included Adwords, which is Google's flagship product for PPC advertising.

Gaurav Goel said...
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Gaurav Goel said...

I just analyzed it a bit more I think these trend boxes are classified on what function/purpose they work on . These do not reflect the the trend by which they earn the revenue. For ex.

Website| Function| Revenue
orkut(S)| Social net| Advertisemt|
eBAY (A)| Selling prduct by Ads.| XYZ|

As far as i can think this is trend classification by fuction or purpose these websites serve to people not the the trend by which they generate revenues.
Check if i am correct!!!