Monday, June 25, 2007

Genre Economics..

I know my limited cerebral range in the genre of Economics, but sometimes the facts that I face are so startling that all I can do is mention about them. Thank you wired media!
Although I do keep a check on Mostly Economics blog, but seldom does it make a lot of sense to me, which is more credited to my unawareness in such money matters.
However, I also do keep a track on which impressed me to a deal that I had written about this Conde Naste venture when it was launched.
Here Zubin Jelveh sheds some light on the highly debatable topic - breaking the economic growth among the developing and developed nations with a special mention of Latin America. Take out China and India, and the situation hasn't improved at all in the past 25 years. Startlings facts for novices like me. Consider this,
Setting aside China’s population, the number of people living in poverty is actually slightly higher than it was in the early 1980s, even though the percentage of the world’s population defined as “poor” has fallen 10 percent.

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