Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Portfolio.com - Big-Picture Site, for Big-Picture Thinkers

I was glancing through Venturebeat, and came across this new startup thats been rolled out called the beta version of Portfolio.com. Nah, its not a social networking site, or a mindless review site, its much more interesting than that. Launched by Condé Nast, the New York publisher, it strives to capture the intrigue, excitement, and power that attract people to the business world.
Its not the regular run of the mill business news site, which would put up any breaking news on its portal. Rather, it goes deeper than that. The ultimate aims seems to select the stories which are likely to make an impact, and to dig deep to come out with a solid S.W.O.T analysis including the implications in the longer run. Salient features -
- Top 5: Top 5 keeps track of what you need to know
- Market Brief: Dynamic snapshots of key market and economic data.
- Hype Report: A roundup of the most-talked-about companies and executives.
- Profiles: More than 500,000 in-depth profiles of public and private companies.
- Infographics: Dynamic graphs, data visualization, and interactive charts.

A very interesting bunch of stories have been rolled out, with the genres ranging from art, fashion, technology to as diverse as geography - with the common thread of business implications tying them. It is bound to create waves if it continues to come out with the sort of stories they have listed right now, and would be very interesting to see if they can hold on with such captivating stuff in due time. For example, we all know about the scientists, political leaders and environmentalists crying about Global Warming and its effects in the long run - Portfolio tries to bring an entire new perspective to this issue - How can Global Warming be good? Intriguing analysis.. Hang on, you've got read yourself to know that.


anshul said...

dude not sure if this site was the first one to bring out this article..i came across a similar article on www.economist.com

Paranoid.. said...

Well, Economist must have been among the first ones to come out with this, no doubts regarding that, coz that's the reason they get the first hand news.
Even I come to know about the various startups from some recognized place - the primary idea of this blog is to just convey my views on things that I find interesting, and it presents my perspective on the same.
Its not a news provider pal, its more of a review thingy here!