Friday, May 25, 2007

Google Desktop Search 5

Google Desktop Search 5 has been launched, and the 1.8Mb download doesn't really tickle much. There's nothing really much different from its earlier versions. I did go through the release notes, which had this to say -
- Faster Search
- Inline preview about the document, which can give an overall idea of its contents
- Advanced Security Features
- Quick Search option
- Jazzier gadgets

However, I wasn't really satisfied with the results. For instance, I keyed in Synergy, but didn't get the result that I was looking for. Ideally, it should have showed me the Synergy application location, from where I could have fired it. Colibri still remains my favorite in this case.
But yeah, document searching is pretty fast and the tool can be a handful in this case. I'll update on this more, as and when I come out with some more on this. Download is available here..A more comprehensive description has been put by Google on their page.
Downsides -
- Damn, I still have to restart my system to complete the installation!
- With Vista already integrating desktop search, I am not sure how many Microsoft systems will Google be able to penetrate with its own Desktop Search..


Venu said...

If you try out Launchy, you would probably find colibri a little sucky.

Launchy is much better and its fast :)

Paranoid.. said...

Venu, u r really the master of tools man.. Its kinda difficult to beat u.. Launch indeed's pretty good and lightweight too compared to Colibri..