Monday, May 28, 2007

Facile Wins..

Another season begins for world cricket after a forgettable World Cup, and it was quite expected that the season openers will be as disappointing as its preceeding event. India went on to Bangladesh whereas the West Indians marshalled to meet the Poms. Well, sans Brian Lara its difficult to really categorize the once-upon-a-time world beaters as a serious contender.
The innumerable matches played has not only resulted in a over the top hectic schedule for the players, but also for us mortals and the broadcasters. Bangladeshi crowds form one of the most vociferous crowds in the world, and it was pretty sad to see near empty stadiums in the ill scheduled tour.
On the quality of the game played, it was indeed a very sorry display. Even being a staunch Indian supporter, it was disappointing to say the least to see the way they performed. Be it the 4 tons and the record margin of victory over their neighbors, but the high adrenalin factor was nowhere to be seen. A struggling Tendulkar, according to Cricinfo summarizes the tour in entireity.

Even the just concluded game involving the Poms and the West Indians was pretty pathetic. I am not sure, but guess a county side would have probably given more fight to the English Team. Yeah, a few bright spots like the Pietersen double or a Monty Special or a Sidebottom comeback, but on the whole.. nnaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..
Perhaps Pakistan beating the Lankans was the saving grace, though just. Though sans Murali and Vaas, I'm not sure if we can put the Lankan tigers in the same category. But on the contrary, it was indeed refreshing to see a seemingly rejuvenated Paki outfit under the ever reliable and street smart Shoaib Malik. This chap might just get the team to a position where it belongs, i.e. near the top of the charts!

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