Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kate Moss or Sharapova in your Portfolio!

Fidel Castro or Condolezza Rice? Federrer or Roddick? The Swiss would cost you 58.75 and the American would cost you 14.27 ! Damn, what are we talkin' about.. errrrrrrrrrrr.. Apologies ;) but Trendio allows you to do just that! Launched last year, Trendio is an online stock market where you can build portfolios, buy/sell your stocks and monitor your growth. Ofcourse folks, it is a fantasy game, and yeah.. you definitely dont play with real money.
An awesome user interface which would intrigue you to the core to explore this site further, Trendio is actually an online stock market for trading of words. You buy/sell words and the cost of the words are (de) escalated based on how frequently do they appear in the news media around the world. The trendio systems are continously scanning the media around the world and based on their results, the value of the words a.k.a your stocks vary. For instance, if pictures of Paris Hilton embroiled in yet another scandal captured, then its worth to buy Ms. Hilton (oh com'on.. the word), since her name is bound to be flashed in the media soon after. Soon, you go into profit !!

Its quite some fun, I registered today and would be participating in the contest starting tomorrow, lets see how good I turn out to be. There are various site sponsored contests that take place based on Entertainment, Politics, Sports et al. You can monitor the profit/loss in your portfolio, view the top gainers/losers, keep an eye on the newsfeed which displays the headlines that they keep flashing containing one of those listed words which are open for trade.
The currency here is Trendillions :) . Have seen the top rankers gross as much as upto 2.5M of those. The question then pops up - what is real here? Well, this is more of a fantasy fun site, but then there a few goodies that can be won here. There are at times gifts that can be won, or even the Trendillions that you have can be converted into real money at times. Now com'on, you can expect a million dollars in case you have 1M Trendillions.
A super cool interface does work in Trendio's favor, but then the big question is always there - how long will it be able to attract users without showing them the real money? Well, considering that Trendio was started as a hobby project last year by Jens Agerberg, it has come a long way to still be able to attract quite a few souls to test their predicting abilities. It is continuing in the same vein and would be interesting to know what its creators have in mind for the future.

P.S: Now please don't think about its business model, coz I have thought a lot and I guess they ain't have one. Its a fun fantasy site, which is probably still carried over in the hobby mode. Meanwhile, it did get me excited, which is evident in the jazzy combination of font colors that I have used in this post. Well, visit Trendio and have a look yourself. Happy Trading !!

ping ping.. yeah I'll take Kate Moss.. :))


amol said...

Pretty interesting but i do r'ber some sites who had this concept. BTW I was wondering how does one design a cool interface?

The Biz Model...hmm.. if they do not have one I have an advice which perhaps could be shared with them.

I read about Yahoo offering such services which is basically used by marketing people. As yahoo offers a search facility, it gave a service to marketing people of various companies to analyse its search results. This helped marketers pick any new person who was being searhed quite a bit. Then they checked the person and if he/she had the potential pick him/her for their products. It could be really useful for picking potential celebs in countries where one is not really familiar.

I am not sure how successful it was but the case study informed me that it helped Pepsi (most likely) pick Britney Spears before others.

This webiste also has similar features and could be used. Any ideas?

Paranoid.. said...

Well.. yeah thats actually a pretty good thought to ponder upon.

Just to add on what you said.. Yahoo has this TechBuzz game running, which works on a similar premise - trade the buzz words, which are most likely to be searched on the net. Buzz words concerning technology, such as Web 2.0, AJAX et al. One of the purposes that they outline for their game is - To see if search buzz (including spikes and trends) can indeed be predicted by the collective wisdom of crowds in a market. Further, they wanted to check out the efficacy of their search engine as well in parallel to draw some kind of a pattern with what the users 'will be' going to search in the future with the search results.

However, the newsfeed that is shown in Trendio is picked up live from the 5 top news from Google News. (damn.. GOOG comes in here as well).