Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Relive the magic

I can't get enough of the epic final, and fortunately someone had put a high quality series of highlights of the match. For those who missed the magic, like I did, get yourself a second chance. Epics like these don't take place too often, for I haven't seen Federer hit the forehand so hard and yet see a winner fly by him, and for I haven't seen anyone till now who's scurried on grass from one end to the other during a 5 set course. For those who said rallies are only meant for clay (including me), we need to take a break after all. Having said that, I've got to say no one beats Federer in the tie breakers. Even though I've been a Rafa supporter for quite sometime, it would be foolish not to complement how the King played. Simply put, I think either of them would have won against anyone else with this level of play.

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