Sunday, February 3, 2008

Indian Sports Journalism.. trenched..

“Generally speaking, the best people nowadays go into journalism, the second best into business, the rubbish into politics and the shits into law”

                                                                    - Auberon Waugh

Well, no offence and I don't intend to be disrespectful to any law folks and instead through this post I'll contribute my bit in elevating them at least a step, 'coz I think that some of the sports journalists in India are giving them a tough fight for the last position.

Heroes and Gods one day and Villains the next. Sometimes its hard for me to remember and dig deep into my brain cells to remember when was the T20 World Cup?  Was it really last year? It wasn't too long when the team was being lauded and loaded with all kinds of metaphors for winning the championship. This was in the year when India earlier failed miserably on the South African tour and the big names in the team were being constantly asked some serious questions. A breath of fresh air comes in with the T20 and suddenly the Indian Press found new Gods who "should have been" long back drafted into the team. Insane celebrations followed and instead of putting in some critical happenings around the world on the front page, all that followed were interviews.. not just of the players but also of their families! Cut short to early 2008 now..

The same team arrives in Melbourne and finds themselves out of place after being skittled out for a paltry 74. Agreed it was disappointing, but what followed from the Indian media was just over the top. The news and the websites were flooded with columns degrading the same bunch of players whom they adored just a championship back. All of this is just so insane and uncalled for? They blew it over the top the first time when they won and now they just bury them a million yards deep when they fail. All of this - just to grab attention!

The silliest part of all this is that most of the writers of such columns don't seem to know a damn about the game. The Times of India was considered to be one of the newspapers that defined the new India, but its sports section is unbearable.  The ever increasing number of news channels aren't helping the cause and in fact are sometimes even embarrassing to watch. I just wish that in such a vibrant country where sports is a passion, some sense is restored to these wannabe journalists. I still visit the Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian or for that matter The Times to catch up on the likes of Peter Roebuck, Peter Lalor and Simon Wilde. How I wish, I didn't need to do that! But looks like its still going to take quite sometime before the guys doing the job get their heads straight.

Good 'ol Sportstar has always been my ultra favorite for its articles.. sad I just don't get enough time to read them now.


Harish said...

The Hindu once boasted of an excellent sports column (sportstar is a Hindu publication, so there was no surprise for it being good), but off late, ive see the quality come down rapidly. I wonder if this is reflected onto sportstar these days. Anyways, what was lacking before was money in sports, so the journalists (i think) were unbiased, now that its there in abundance, they just try to make a scene out there so that no party is affected (may be including themselves).

@purV said...

Yeah Harish, that's a point one cannot afford to miss - Money.. There's huge in this game now and everyone's eager to cash in! Well, if Sportstar's quality is down, then it really speaks for itself - that somethin's just not right..

Aavesh said...

Hi apurv,

I liked your comments on sports journalist, and have used a few excerpts in my post on You cna check it out at:,com_jd-wp/Itemid,88888968/p,472


@purV said...


Thanks mate!

Keshi said...

Sydney Morning Herald is my vital daily dose of news. Its one of the BEST.


@purV said...

Well, not for the daily dose, but yeah I do hit smh a lot for the sports section.. be it tennis or cricket..

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

waise, the sportstar is still coming here... who's gonna pay for this :)

bt i let it come, i read it now that you are not there to do this..

@purV said...

Great! abe.. its just 25 cents per issue.. ain't it? ;) R'ber me while you guys are reading it.. :D

Vinni said...

:) nice one! what a paradox! one more thing, please update your blogroll, my blog now points to

@purV said...

Thanks.. and yeah, i'll do that.