Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ct Dravid B Kumble

Ain't got a lot of time for the next few days to post anything here, though I do find time to catch up on stuff somehow. The arch rivals are playing but we are yet to see some real quality cricket and by 'quality' I don't imply the closeness of the matches! It's quite amazing the kind of benchmarks the Aussies were setting barely a couple of weeks ago in the 'purely' cricketing aspects of the game.

Rahul Dravid abandoning the skipper's job was quite unexpected but I guess no one other than Anil Kumble would have been more fitting to fill the abdicated throne. Sachin Tendulkar might be the best batsman to have ever played for India, but when it comes to winning the longer version, few games would go without mentioning critical performances by the men from Karnataka. Such has been their impact on Indian Cricket, sadly most of which has never got its due.

S. Dinakar at his usual best here taking a sneak peek on how the leggie being made the captain should hold out to be a wise decision. I just loved the last line of the story.


Amol Agrawal said...

I loved the article from Dinakar. You seem to be still reading Sports star! Well, it is incredible mate. I still love the magazine (I like all Hindu Publications; their journalism is top class) but just dont get the time.

Kumble's contribution to Indian cricket is bigger than anybody's really. His contribution stands out in test matches; he should have retired from ODI long back as it was insulting to keep a bowler of such class out of ODI team as Bhajji was a better batsman in ODIs and was quicker in field.

Test matches are won only if you take 20 wickets and we have struggled to take even 5 when Kumble is struggling. His commitment to the game and to India's cause is something you see only in players from Down-under. Only thing is unlike the Aussie spirit which is well-known, folklore stuff, Kumble does not get the same media bytes.

BTW I loved the last line in Dinakar article as it is something I believe in.

@purV said...

Yeah, Hindu's coverage of the game is insightful compared to others which merely make up the figures and build on the statistics.
If ever you needed someone to define controlled aggression - well, its tough to find anyone else who fits in the slot better!