Thursday, September 20, 2007

Glimpse of X-factor and Absurd Politics

Sometimes hasty decisions do turn up well, and when they do, it deserves a post. The incredible youth of Team India finally delivered on the big stage and for any ardent fan it does provide a good feeling somewhere inside. T20 isn't a great format, but then it definitely provides pressure cooker situations where a little flip could draw curtains for you. I virtually had no hopes from the Indian outfit to do well in this f ormat, and with a new 'young' skipper, success looked all the more distant. However, its this very player of the team, who has looked the most buoyant of all and in to talk simply - has been 'inspirational'. Well, sometimes performances alone don't do justice. MS Dhoni though hasn't lit up the skies with fireworks in South Africa, but the way he has handled the situations has been exemplary. Responsible batting and razor sharp thinking have shown the great transition that he has undergone in the past few months of his international cricket. The subtle arrogance and air of defiance that surrounds him is something that was missing since the 'Glorious Ganguly' captaincy regime lost its magic. Well, I can see a little glimpse of it now, though I just hope that the 'glimpse' turns into a blockbuster motion picture.

I don't write about politics, since I feel its one of the most ridiculously absurd creations of the Homo-sapiens. Indian politics is like an eternal drama where characters come and go and they just don't miss an opportunity to show their skill - just that they fall into the 'terrible' category. There has been a lot of confrontation going regarding the Sethusamudram project, and I had no inclination to even write about it, till I came across the comments of the party leader of one of the premier political parties of India. I don't fall into the believers' category, but sometimes these 'so called' leaders stoop to the kind of levels, that its embarrassing to acknowledge that they form the government. For those who know what I'm talking about, check this link, where P Anantha Krishnan hits the nail in the coffin.

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