Friday, September 14, 2007

Cricket or Soccer.. Whatever.. India Won!

Want to ignite any form of cricket, then bring them on. They might not be the giants of the game in terms of skills, but the vigor they bring into the game probably matches up for that.. well, at least sometimes! Today was just one of those days.

ICC has been trying to popularize this new silly format of T20 with the World Championship and I am really not sure if they have been able to score any brownie points after their 'actual' World Cup farce earlier this year. Anyways, you want to get the crowds going, then go for the magical wand - get India and Pakistan in the same group. Well, they tried the same in the World Cup earlier as well, but fate had other plans.

Now for the game, India looked a changed side, with a riveting fielding display. The same cannot be said about their batting abilities though. Whatever said and done, it was indeed a pleasing site to see Pathan back in action. I can't really say if he bowled or batted well, its way too short an innings to stamp yourself, but he fits this team so bloody well.

For those you missed the action of the bowl out, here you go. Damn, so reminiscent of soccer!


Vinni said...

what a match! some years down the line i would be telling people, India beat pakistan 3-0 in cricket.
This was the kinda match ICC would have been looking for to make it popular. however there will always be the old school of thought which believes that the ODI has a charm of its own...

Paranoid.. said...

yeah..and I'm one of those who belong to the good ol' school. :D But then, I guess the end was only fitting, since India maintained their no-loss record against their neighbors in World Cups!

Amol Agrawal said...

I belong to the good old school as well. But T20 is really going to give ODI a run for money. In future we would have T20 in a series along with test matches. ODI looks extinct to me.

I can go easily after office and watch teh entire match which is never the case in an ODI.

It is no wonder that we have ICL, IPL(by BCCI) and now PCB also has announced its T20 series.

It is a win win situation. ODIs is all about scoring at a fast pace etc. T20 is played at a scorching pace and gives players some more time to relax as well.

And yes, ICC is pretty fortunate as it has kicked off to a roaring start.

Boy you missed the Indo Pak Match. A thriller

Paranoid.. said...

Well, 'scorching pace' probably sums it up for this 'silly' format. Yeah, time forces us to do certain things, ain't it?
I did manage to grab the highlights of the match, courtesy one of the links.. aah, God protect such philanthropists, who don't take any time in uploading the real 'useful' stuff! :D And really, a cracker it indeed was.

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