Thursday, August 30, 2007

Watch out.. Bourne's back..

Well, for some it might be too late to review Bourne Ultimatum, but I'm an absolute admirer of the Bourne Series, and skipping this one was just out of question. Yeah, Jason Bourne's back, his haunted past gets after him again (thankfully) and as a result, we get an absolutely brilliant piece of entertainment, courtesy Paul Greengrass, the director and his crew. Matt Damon is at his usual best and seeing him play the main protagonist makes me wonder if anyone else could have fitted in better. It looks as though Jason Bourne was created for Matt and vice versa!
There's a thin line between class and crass, especially when it comes to action flicks. Mindless violence with blood spattering all around generally accounts falls in the latter cateory, barring some special ones like Kill Bill, et al. Greengrass shows how terrific edge of action flicks should be done. The best part is that he makes Jason Bourne look a human, and not a super humar armed with 30th century gadgets belting the hell out of the bad boys. Instead what we see here is controlled action and the action sequence between Bourne and CIA asset Desh Bouksani (Joey Ansah) is probably the most breathtaking sequence which makes you sit up and watch without batting an eyelid. Such is the intensity that Greengrass manages to infuse in this flick that for once it feels as you are right besides Bourne!
Everyone else has done a pretty creditable job and with Matt Damon stealing the show, there's actually little that you see elsewhere. Joan Allen continues from where she left in Bourne Supremacy and looks pretty neat playing Deputy Director Pamela Landy.
Last but not the least, the soundtrack. I just loved Extreme Ways in the first two editions and this time Moby revamps his version a bit and still sounds good. They continue to pull it when the end credits roll, guess thats a lucky charm!
All in all, terrific flick and go watch it if you want some adrenaline pump up! For the statistics, its at #73 on IMDB's all time top 250, on Rotten Tomatoes, its a 94% and New York Times gave it 4.5 stars.

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