Saturday, August 25, 2007

Try Square Dancin' Sometime.. and iPhone sizzles!

Originally uploaded by apurv.bhartia
Promenade and a circle left.. well, folks here sing it in a way that makes your feet move! I bet they know how to have fun and how to pull people into it. :)
This was my first experience in Square Dancing, the aim of the entire event being bringing international students together and in the process get started in this form of dancing. Oh, to top it all, I guess I did run my luck really hard and ended up winning a Philips DVD Player!

And another thing - iPhone rocks! I did manage to check one out, courtesy Ben, who got it through IBM and all you gadget freaks out there need to get your hands on the same. You need to feel it to really know what a magnificent piece of equipment Apple has come out with!


Venu said...

Was it luck or was someone impressed with your dance..
and was this dance after your iPhone experience :D

Paranoid.. said...

Well, the DVD thingy was pure luck! I hope thats a lucky beginning to my stint at UT.
And no, the iPhone experience was after the dance got over. Now I'm interested in knowing that why did you ask that?

P.S: and yeah, as far as the impression goes, thats another story I'd like to tell you sometime. :D

Amol Agrawal said...

Nice to know your social life is finally kicking. BTW, could you please explain the nuances of square dancing?

BTW, am more interesting in knowing about the aftermath of the dance....Sorry but having read a lot of novels and seen few english movies, the impact stays...hehe :-)

I mean you won an award for dancing? It is like Mcgrath wining for batting or Munaf Patel for fielding...I dont believe this...Wonder what Richa would say to this?

Paranoid.. said...

Phew!! Let me clear a few things first.. I DID NOT WIN THE PLAYER FOR DANCING! Further, it would presumptuous to say that its like McGrath winning an award for his batting skills! I'm sure there are more chances of McGrath forcing his critics to eat their words than me winning something for foot tapping.
It was just a lucky draw and I guess I got a touch too lucky with it. :D

Coming to the social life, well.. I guess certain things shouldn't be discussed in such forums. ;) Anyways, on the serious note, let the classes begin and all this would be analogous to a beautiful dream.