Monday, August 13, 2007


Don't I usually say this - Things change! Yeah, they do and do much sooner than you actually realize. Oh, its not a techie post here and neither has it got anything to do with cricket, movies and the likes! I haven't posted for what seems like a generation and the fingers were just getting itchy. Welcome to Austin..
The bon voyage is over and its just been a couple of days since I've been here and to be damn freaking true, it doesn't feel all that great. Comfort level while you've been working was on a steep upward curve and it feels (0,0) all over again. Bang!
Yeah, I did get to see New York's airport and was wondering if JFK was a city in its own, coz that was the reason I was able to fight out 12 hours at the airport after repeated flight delays!
As for Austin, its pretty hot but not bustling the way we have back home, which is a let-down. Yeah, some might say that they'd love to be in such a place but then take my word - it doesn't feel all that great. Otherwise a lovely place to be in I guess!
I am not sure how things will change in the coming few months, since the next 6 would probably be the most important in my career till now. Getting back to academics ain't that easy and the legendary Lance Armstrong would be good for inspiration. I hope the land of Longhorns and Burning Orange doesn't give me too much of a bumpy ride.
P.S: By the way, just saw on Cricinfo, that India won the series. I can't comment too much on that since Big Sam doesn't showcase this game. I hope they realize that they are missing out on something big!


Nadig's said...

Nice one after a long break..
keep posting your experiences out there...

Paranoid.. said...

Well thanks Vinay.. Just gettin' a feel of the place and then I'll be back to my normal self!

Amol Agrawal said...

I think any airport looks heaven if not in India. And you were at KFK man....the busiest of them all.

All the best for your acads. Acads there isnt acads really. It is enlightenment.

India did win the series and this makes it the only one of the three series wins we have had in England. Kumble scored a century and was a pretty good one. That guy deserves everything. Has been an unsung hero all along. Very committed despite the humiliations. Bhajji was always preferred in one dayers and for sometime in tests. You should have seen the way he took on Pietersen when latter kind of banged into him on day 5, 3rd test match. Yes, Dravid had to cool him down.

However, all have been criticising Dravid for not enforcing the follow-on. A TV Channel even ran a comment from Zaks that he wasn't tired (Dravid cited bowlers being tired as the reason) and Dravid should have enforced the follow-on. Dravid said in the award ceremony taht sitting in living room I would have also thought that the follow-on should have been enforced.

But to see Sachin smile and be the first to open the chamagne was like seeing the 16 yr old kiddo. He was so happy.

Anonymous said...

Nice one :) actually i was plotting what you wrote. and i Got intresting results

Here it goes

"I suppose your life is a parobla curve isn't it. Rise(steep curve), fall(0,0), and again rise(steep curve- forecasted). rest be assured of your future dude ... you are going to have great career ahead".
Get Austined - deeply!!!

Paranoid.. said...

I agree with the Kumble thing you said. He's probably one of the greatest unsung heroes of Indian Cricket and has probably won more 'test' matches to India then anyone else.
As for Dravid, well no one 20 yrs down the lane would even r'ber his not enforcing the follow-on. The records will only show India's away series victory!
For Sachin, this was probably the best thing that could have happened to him playing what would probably be his last test series in the Old Blighty.

Paranoid.. said...

@Anonymous.. damn, I somehow feel I know you..

However, you pretty much hit the nail on the head by plotting my graph. I hope the curve indeed is a steep one on the incline but at the same time I hope there aren't a lot more troughs ahead!

And yeah, I am getting Austined! :)