Thursday, August 23, 2007

Asta-La'Vista', Dell and Metallica..

Damn.. Thats Dell for you. Nah, am not a Dell (or for that matter, any brand) basher at all. I have ordered for one of their products, but then it goes bang! I get an email today from them saying that my shipment has been delayed due to 'unexpected' reasons. I am wondering now whether to get it cancelled!
Bill Gates (and Co.) crafted Windows, which is doing good to millions of systems around the world and its got its cons too. Another potential security threat through Vista and the entire fraternity goes absolutely nuts about it. Yeah, am talking about the signed drivers issue, which makes the kernel code terribly susceptible. I've signed on myself to a few dailies, and all the chit chat's only about the same. Vista oh Vista.. I'm not sure the Redmond techies have been through the same amount of trouble before!
No laptop, which means scribbling here becomes terribly difficult and all I can do is visit Venu's blog to get a quick roundup. But these days, I guess he's going a bit busy too, since there aren't not too many updates. Guess, he's finally got some work. (Just Kidding Venu..)
Advanced OS and Wireless Networking for the first semester here, so guess I'm looking for too much fun in grad school! Life seems to be turning a full circle here, or rather going back a few chapters in life. From all assured when I started my undergrad to a terribly lost soul during my grad. Dreaming of a wannabe Steve Jobs (sans the dropout thing) or Larry Page. Anyways for now Metallica sounds so real with their track - Turn the Page.. Aah, cut down the philosophy, lets gets down to some work!

Update: And guess, what I see now, the inimitable Walter Mossberg has nothing good to say about Vostro 1500.. :(


Venu said...

You weren't kidding, i am caught up with work :(

Regarding your laptop I still suggest you to cancel and go for a Mac
If you still want to stick with dell, please check D420 :).

By the way as a student you do get discounts right ?

Amol Agrawal said...

Let me begin with a compliment- your writing is improving by the day. This post had everything. How about taking a course in writing skills as well? You never know where the actual talent lies?

Well, it is a circle. What MS did to likes of IBM, etc is being done to MS as well. Google would also go through the same in some years. That is what US growth engine is all about...innovation and reative destruction. Other countries also try but none do it as well as US.

Paranoid.. said...

Life can be sometimes harsh.. hehe.. don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a way to shoot posts on your blog. D420's a sleek piece, but cuts a huge hole in a student's pocket. :(

Oh, thanks seriously. The writing skills probably come from a part of my cerebrum which is overloaded with other trivial stuff. Sometimes, however I do manage to get around that. :D
On a more serious note, you nailed the MS issue to the 'T'. Really!

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

dude.... that was to happen.... get used to it now... finally :)

saala tera luck he shayad aisa hai... he he he :D,,,just kiddin man.. but still can't stop laughing.. abe cancel it man...and go for a mac..check D620 as well,if it suits you and ur's 2gb ram and all..

Paranoid.. said...

Yeah, I guess some things never change! But then Dell's goofed up again, saying my order is shipped now! Anyways, its better to keep my fingers crossed till I receive the shipment.
D620's out of production now, and is available only through its latest avatar D630.... Errrrrrrrr.. The base model is $1337 + taxes.. Phew....