Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Acer bags Gateway.. Englands bags the lead!

Well, during the dot com burst way back in 2000 (damn, it still seems scary), one of the biggest sufferers were Gateway Inc (formerly Gateway 2000). I remember reading about how they just weren't able to get into profitable margins in the aftermath. Their share values kept on slipping and then they decided ultimately that they'll be shutting down their remaining 180 odd stores. But then, somehow they have been surviving through retailers like Circuit City, CompUSA and the likes. A couple of weeks back when I started my research on buying a notebook, I was amazed to see Gateway and for once wondered if they still existed? Well, anyways, Acer has now decided to acquire Gateway for a good $710min a deal which has sent their counterparts, Lenovo searching for some serious shelter. With this acquisition, Gateway + Acer would surpass Lenovo in the number of PCs shipped. Thats some competition breeding up among the South East Asian players!
Well, some people hit the nail on the head. Siddharth Vaidyanathan, one of Cricinfo's editors is an almost perfect example of this small group. Fielding forms an integral part of any cricket team and we all know how a certain man named Jonathan Rhodes exemplified that. I'm not sure though if Indian team agrees with the Protean. Well, I haven't been seeing the matches, but it looks as though they are just not interested in this department of the game. He sums it all up pretty frankly in a bold assessment-
The facts are actually pretty simple. India lack strong arms, can't slide and can't hit the stumps. Often they grass catches. Regularly they concede overthrows and sometimes make a mockery of themselves trying to execute the basic act of stopping a cricket ball. Their running between the wickets is as ponderous as ever. With four matches to go, there's still plenty of fun to be had. In 1948 you packed the stadiums to watch the Invincibles, now you can take a look at the Unstoppables.

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