Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Powerset Hype..

I have always maintained that since Google has entered the web scenario, more than anything else, it has ignited the innovation fire among the geeks around the world. And at times even when the innovation factor isn't so pertinent, the hype factor that is generated with every new product release is pretty exciting.
A couple of months back, I had came across Powerset, but didn't write about it since it was due to be launched in September this year. The punch line for them is that they will be a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Search engine, which will revolutionize the way users search on the web.
In essence, the results produced by a query here will not just list the pages containing the keywords, but will take into account the linguistic meaning of your query and return results appropriately.
Powerset is not open yet, but going through their blog, I found this. A similar query on Google yields -

Sometimes, I wonder whats the point of showing 1,620,000 results for the same?
NLP is a tricky domain, the linguistics as we all know can get really complicated. Meanwhile, Powerset has released a video, giving a small glimpse of their world, and inviting folklore to feel like product managers by testing their product and posting suggestions.. Hmm.. but whats the compensation? ;)


Mark Johnson said...

The compensation, my dear friend, is that you'll be on the team that defines next generation search. How cool is that? Thanks for the post!

Paranoid.. said...

Hey Mark, was just kiddin' ! Count me in..
I've been on the look out for Powerset since quite sometime, and really can't wait till September to see when it goes live. NLP is ultra hot, and no one really has utilized (till now) it to the potential it should have been.