Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back in time with President Whitmore!!

Its been more than a decade since this movie released, and was the first english flick that I saw in a theatre at Chanakya, Delhi.. and its been more than atleast 100 viewings that I have done for this movie.. but even now whenever it's aired on the television, like it did last sunday prime time, I'm instigated by myself to gear up for another viewing, thereby adding to the numbers. Independence Day just rocks. I am surprised its been given a 6 pointer on the mother of all movie sites, IMDB, but thats the way it is. Sometimes, the Gods also do get crazy. Be it Jeff Goldblum or Will Smith or Bill Pullman, the characters potrayed by them are just brilliant. Ignore the critics pointing at reasons such as how can a virus bring down the entire mother ship or a space ship of the size of 1/4th of the moon would cause tidal waves or the destruction of such a huge ship would be catastrophic for earth and its inhabitants - aah, I guess I'll find a reason to negate all that stuff.. Never again as any movie involving the ETs has generated this hype.
Moment of the movie.. errrrrrrr.. can't be anything but President Whitmore's stirring speech to his fellow fighter pilots at the Area 51 base.. For the ID lovers, here it is.. yeah courtesy You-Tube again..

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