Friday, April 13, 2007

Spot this.. Joint Strike Fighter F-35

This is out of no where. This information about one of the most incredible and perhaps the most powerful jets literally compelled me blog about it here. Well, its not something which has been developed in the last few days, or even months. But considering its potency, I just thought to give a mention about it here.
United States has a stronghold over stealth aircrafts. But the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) gets it to an entirely new level. This project started as a $200 Billion competition between Lockheed Martin and Boeing, which LM eventually won. The result is a powerhouse which has the capability of carrying 2000 pounds of explosives, and 15000 pounds of the same if stealth functionality is not required! Capable of nailing down an enemy 155 miles down the lane, it probably couldn't have got much better.
Further, the sensor system of this ultra extreme machine is perhaps the best the airforce fraternity can ever hope to see. The JSF is pounded with sensors and cameras all over it, which help provide a 360 degree view to its pilot helping him to make split second decisions. The innumerable cameras and sensors coupled with some seriously high speed processing help contruct a spherical view for the pilot apprising him of the surroundings as never before. Further, at night it helps in creating an infra red image!
Survivability, a cornerstone of F-35 design, is enhanced foremost by the aircraft’s radar-evading properties. Stealth capability, available for the first time in a multirole fighter, will minimize the threat to the pilot during operations in heavily defended areas. The aircraft also is configured with advanced countermeasures to reduce the effectiveness of enemy defenses.
I was in awe while I saw this on the channel. Various technicalites, and I do recommend the following video that I found later. Step aside.. here's the king..

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