Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekend Blues !!

Although my weekend's getting screwed here working at office, but then there a lot more things that can be done normally on a weekend. Tough to locate what's on in the happening pubs in the city, or any live band or a special event scheduled in one of the clubs? Well, down2night comes to the rescue here. I hate to term it as a social networkin' site(damn, thats a sickenin' term now), but then thats what it is, but then the 'social' tag here is much more relevant.. at last!

Down2Night is a web application that allows users to subscribe to their favorite nightlife venues and receive SMS text message alerts about events happening on the nights that interest them most, effectively, giving viable options to the all important question: "What are we doing tonight?"

Features include:
- "Subscribe" are the venues you would like to know about.
- "Your Notifications" are the days of the week you will be notified of your subscribed spot/venue.
- "Whats Down" is a dynamic menu of the event/ promotion lists by each venue.
- "I'm Down" user powered ranking of events at individual locations.
- "Event" allows the user/venue to input an events/promotions at that particular spot.
- "Browse" enables you to search by pre-selected criteria ie: My Spots, Most Popular and All.
- "Search" live search of venues.
- "Next" at the bottom of the page moves you to the next page of venues.

Currently, this service is available for the folks living in San Francisco, Seattle and Tri Cities, but plans are underway to launch the same in New York City, Las Vegas, Boston, Austin, Madison, Miami, Denver, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Houston.

Interestin' concept though.. Further, other relevant information is provided for locating the venues in form of mashups.

Damn, I hope these folks go global soon rather than merely concentrating on the Big Sam!

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amol said...

Sir, thank you for keeping us oldies updated with the times. If you r'ber last time you asked me wahat would you like your PC to do fro you, I suggested one of the thing down2noght does albeit in a crude way.

I was wondering if you could add more zing to your bblog by focussing on India. Like if you could educate us about the IT industry.. what are rthge differenrt applications, which cos. are into it, MNC vs domestic players.. Another thing is what are the govt policies w.r.t IT? I was reading there is a new Fabrication policy for India? What does it mean?

Keep posting these hifi applis but please help us understand IT inductry if you can....