Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mobile Lifestyle Portal, eh!

Mobio Networks announced their product GetMobio, a mobile product which offers over 50 mashup applications on your mobile which help you (re)define your lifestyle. GetMobio allows people to use their mobile phones to locate the hottest nightclubs, call a cab, find alternative flights, book a table at the latest restaurants or reserve tee times. Ramneek Bhasin, CEO of Mobio acknowledges that although point solutions do exist, but they aim at taking a holistic approach to delivering a wide range of lifestyle-specific mobile applications and making them fun, simple and useful.

Well, I haven't really tried their applications (can't do on my handset), but they are there for free with just a simple registration that is required. (Preview above from Venturebeat)Well, curious folks might think that in registration lies a business model, coz it provided customer preference information, which could be up for grabs. But according to these folks, "We collect personal info for one reason only - to get you the GetMobio software for your mobile phone"..

GetMobio ships with 10 collections, which are sets of mash-up applications, widgets and content feeds (RSS) tailored to the person’s location and preferences. These collections range from “After Midnight” to “Outwitting the Kids” and provide access to everything from hip lounges and comedy clubs to local hospitals and ice cream shops. Mobio also works with partners such as Kaboodle and OpenTable and develops targeted applications such as Mobile Flight Times, Mobile Movie Times and Mobile Fine Dining. Mobio’s applications are designed to be used in very few clicks (usually three or less), with no or minimal data entry, and are created for the most popular and widely available mobile phones on the market, such as the Motorola RAZR.

GetMobio Collections
The initial rollout of GetMobio consists of 10 collections with over 50 applications, widgets and content feeds, including:

After Midnight – Places to go after midnight
Stepping Out – High-energy places to see and be seen
Chilling Out – Low-key places to meet up and do things
Romance Me – Everything you need to make your night special
Panic Kit – In case of emergency
Outwitting the Kids – Stuff for parents at their wits end
Two on the Town – Treat your home town - or any town - as a vacation destination
Urban Trekker – Single destinations of interest – such as museums or shopping
Indulge Me – High-end cravings for cigars, chocolate, massage, body art & piercings
Gadgetophilia – Where to go to see the latest gadgets

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