Friday, February 16, 2007

A long week past..

Its been a good ten odd days, since I last posted somethin' here. But yeah, so that brings up quite a few things to write 'bout now.. Phew.. last weekend was a pretty long one, with an inconsequential B'lore Shutdown on Monday, and all I did do was to watch a plethora of flicks, a few of them which I won't mind watchin' again..

It ain't over till its over.. Open the doors once again for the relentless Rocky Balboa. The arthritic 60 yr old still managed to pull one of the greatest rocky flicks ever. Others might just have a different view of the same, coz of it not containin' enough adrenalin pumpin' moments. But for me, it was the crudeness of the movie in this age of highly sophisticated, ultra complicated ones. And as Rocky Jr. says,
"Hey, stay on him! Everybody thought this was a joke, including me! Now, nobody's laughing! Stay on him!"

Jason Bourne - Well, nothin' new 'bout Bourne Identity and Supremacy, but then hadn't seen them till now, and the surroundin' boredom literally forced me to check out their dvds. Can safely say now.. No Regrets! I ain't that huge a fan of the likes of (almost) super human, gizmo, he-can-do-it-all flicks, but then the vulnerability of Matt Damon as Bourne really pulls it off.

Apocalypto - Ain't got an idea 'bout what Mel Gibson is upto! What the heck, I just couldn't really figure out what was the idea behind this critically acclaimed movie 'bout the Mayan Civilization. Brutal, crazy and not for the weak hearted! Mel seems to be engrossed with the history of human civilization, but this one definitely falls short of the brilliant Passion of the Christ..

Aaarrgggggghh.. I am waitin' now for 300, that should be really interestin'..


Venu said...

Hey I saw "The Holiday" cool movie must watch.. Don't miss it ! If possible take one of your girlfriends :) haha

Paranoid.. said...

well, ain't got anyone to take along.. so haven't yet gone for it.. :))