Saturday, January 13, 2007

Come for the recipes.. Stay for the conversation..

Bakespace.. another addition to one of those ever growing social networking sites, but this one's with a difference.. and a big one at that. As the name suggests, it presents with a networking arena, where folks can exchange recipes between them. Sounds simple, ain't it?

With a free registration and an outlook similar to the generic networking sites like Orkut, hi5.. Bakespace still manages to create a niche for itself. The friends, or rather Chefs, chat rooms a.k.a Tea Rooms - all make up for an interesting meeting point for folks who love to cook. One can give
Brownie Points to his/her fellow Chefs in case they love their recipe. The layout of the site is pretty simple, which makes it easy to navigate and find Chefs easily.  After all, it can actually provide some good stuff which suits your palate.. and all this while making new friends on the run. Then there is BakeSpace’s Global Cook Book, which lists the recipe of the day. Aha, I ain't got least bit of interest in cookin' but still Bakespace did manage to get my attention.

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Siddharth said...

cool stuff..but not sure how long Web 2.0 will survive..