Thursday, January 18, 2007

BlinkList - More than plain Bookmarking..

On my wild surfin' streak, I did stumble upon BlinkList - nothing but a bookmarking tool, which allows you to access your bookmarked pages/videos/articles et al from any location.
According to BlinkList folks -

BlinkList is a very fast, powerful and easy to use your online bookmarking manager. Screw folders, BlinkList works the same way the human mind operates. So, the next time you want to save a link to a great site, article, or blog, just blink it and tag it (mark it with multiple keywords and phrases) so you can quickly find your information again. Using tagging, a tag manager, and the ability to star your favorites (tags, links and users) and links, BlinkList offers a far superior way to save, share, and access all the content you discover online.

Although at first glance it looks nothing but like a normal bookmarking tool provided by almost every other browser, but once I dug in deeper I did find that there is more to it. Blinklist allows you to tag your bookmarks and share it with friends or with everyone else who is also connected to Blinklist. So if you find some interesting enough site and you bookmark it, its almost immediately available on the blinklist site for others to see and have a look at your links. The premise does sound to the famous Digg thingy, and it does work well in doin' so.

Blinklist is pretty simple to add to your browser. In the case of Opera(which I use), all I had to do was to drag an icon to my toolbar, and it was there. Further, any web page/article et al which you want to bookmark, all that is required is to click on that 'blink icon' in your toolbar. A dialog then pops up where the details can be filled (if required) and thats it. The link then gets added to your blinklist account. So from any location, you can just access your blinklist account and get to your bookmarks.

The best thing that works in its favor is the simple look and feel, pretty user friendly and all in all a useful tool.


Venu said...

how different is it compared to say ?

amol said...

Well so many new ideas... i guess it is becoming a bit too confusing for ppl like us....the point is you cannot have them as a partof a broad idea but I am not sure whether you can have these services as a standalone service.

Appreciating the techside is ppretty nice...what must also be looked is the finances of the new service... would it stay on (for it to stay on it needs to have some distinguising aspect) or would it simply wound up after sometime?

For instance it could be interesting to look at how many new services were offer through web in a year and how many folded? It could also have a table showing performance of these services offered sometime back? This would tell us which kind of websites are working and which despite their cool ideas does not find acceptance with the public.

Paranoid.. said... - well a bloke ChronoTron has summarized how blinklist wins over the former.